irish terriër,
Since 1986 we are breeding Irish Terriers with the greatest of care, we are looking for a suitable male for our females. We have 1-2 litters a year. the pups are born in the House, and grow up there. If they leave our home, to go to a new owner, they are equipped with a chip, a family tree, and a European passport. they have had at least one inoculation and 2 times a worms treatment.They are also in possession of a DNA identification, In the Passport is a health certificate. Also you will get a booklet along with nutritional rules and other care tips.We sell our puppies with a purchase contract.
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4 weeks old
Saredon Foreign Affair (= Femke) is zaterdag 25 maart mother off van 6 pups, 3 male en 3 female
De father is Amberville Fireball (Domenic)
Femke and here pups are doing well.
old pictures pups
irish terriër